Sunday, 20 July 2014

Thursday, 17 July 2014

There is no such thing as time, just this very minute - and I'm in it. Thank the Lord.*

Tuesday was mostly taken up with me working in the morning while Papacrow did table time and then took everyone off on secret birthday related missions in town. In the afternoon he edited while I took the younger ones out to a local park for a home ed meet up.

On Wednesday Papacrow was out working, we had a hectic schedule of table time, shopping (with Fluff, Petal, Dot & Hoofie while the others did chores and essays), and then off to the local zoo to meet up with another home ed family and play in the paddling pool, then back home in time to meet up with Aunty A & cousins P & J and the downstairs girls came up to play too. Phew! Buritos for dinner, then Ars Magica for myself, Papacrow & Saurus with some friends - lots of fun, and I had a moment of utter inspiration that sorted out a sticky situation with the local spirits without us having to sacrifice any of the grogs, hoorah!

And today, Thursday - the morning was pretty blissful with table time, snapcircuits, card making (it's the ballet teacher's birthday tomorrow as well as mine) and lots of games of magic. After lunch we went to the park - boy was it hot, hottest day of the year apparently - and then to the nice cool library, lovely! Got a great haul of books with lots of new to us picture books, but was unsuccessfully in reserving books on the Commonwealth, annoyingly. When we got home we changed all the beds and then they all went off to dinner at the grandparents.

Also had a profound thought today about how the whole 'always present' school of thought doesn't always work for me. When I'm irritable, tired, achey, staying in the moment merely keeps me in that place... I find it far better to remember the past - how wanted this child that wants an upteenth bedtime kiss was, how gorgeous as a baby - and look to the future; how I want our relationship to be, how strong I want our bond to remain.

*Blog title taken from a line in song on Time by Joyce Grenfell.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Dancing and Electronics

Well Friday was pretty much all taken up with the wedding - getting read for it in the morning, which was really rather relaxed apart from last minute discovery of a moldy suit. Thank goodness for modern appliances - it was washed and tumbled and aired and ready to go well in time! Dot and Petal got lots of compliments on their dresses - I must say I was relieved that they looked much better on and being moved around in. They looked rather hideous on the rail! The ceremony was lovely, the soft play straight afterwards was inspired, the food was great. Then on to the hotel where the kids disco was excellent - we all loved it and Hoofie especially really, properly danced! The live band after was great too, what I got to hear of it before taking everyone bar Saurus, Roo and Papacrow home for bed at about ten.

We all overslept the next morning which meant no football for Fluff - he was NOT happy about, but there are two more sessions before the summer break so it wasn't a huge disaster. I took him, Petal, Dot and Hoofie, plus a picnic, off to a local park for a birthday party where the sun came out and we had a lovely time. The others went to karate and did various errands and chores. We all dashed back at three-ish and Petal and I beetled off into town for her annual eye test- all is ship shape and Bristol fashion with no glasses needed. She had a bit of fuss when we actually got in the room for the actual test - she does have these almost uncharacteristic melt downs from time to time - but the optician was ever so nice and very sensible, and merely suggested I sit in the chair with her on my lap, which worked perfectly. In the evening Papacrow popped out to his brother's house and I half watched the play offs between Brazil and Holland and started book three.

Sunday was leisurely and sunny and mostly taken up with allotmenting and relaxing. We watched the World Cup final in the evening which was not as exciting as I'd thought it would be, though I was pleased Germany won. I seemed to be united with most of Britain in the hope that Argentina would NOT win no matter the circumstances! We have still not forgotten the so called 'hand of God' I feel.

Today, Monday, we started off with table time and then got interrupted by the postman delivering the snap circuit set I had ordered! It is brilliant - exactly what i had in mind, fantastic instruction book layout, robust and pretty and we had heaps of fun doing lots of different circuits. Then we settled down to another episode of Michael Palin's Sahara - an old but excellent series which I really do recommend. After lunch, Papacrow took them all to the big park for a small home ed meet, and I frantically got words in. Then we all reconvened for screens and cooking, followed by dinner, baths, stories and beds.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Party Dresses and Penalties

So Wednesday was taken up with table time in the morning, lots and LOTS of tidying and vaccing, various art and colouring and drawing, the weekly shop - me and Hoofie and Fluff and Petal and Dot - Papacrow being home in the afternoon and a visit from Aunty A and cousins P and J. Wig and Roo also started their essays on the commonwealth and we did lots of internet research, including some useful CBBC stuff and a very funny information song about the commonwealth games!

 Saurus, Papacrow and I had friends round for some Ars Magica role playing in the evening and we also watched the end of the Netherlands v Argentina semifinal which was really rather dull, especially after the Brazil v Germany shocker, and decided on penalties that always feels very unfair on the poor goalies.

Today, Thursday, Papacrow was off and we spent a pleasant morning dragging out all the suits and party dresses and trying EVERYTHING on -  me included, as I hadn't a clue was I was supposed to be wearing for this family wedding on Friday - so that was fun! Roo, Petal and Dot all needed something new so we went out in the car as we're back to wet, windy weather this week, and we had fun trawling round some supermarkets and shops next to them until we found what we were looking for - Dot has a very sparkly bright number in mint green, Petal has the same style but in hot - and I do mean HOT - pink.

The others helped Papacrow bake - flapjack and chocolate yorkshire puddings and pancakes, oh my! Hoofie was VERY taken with the girls' new party dresses - he got very cross indeed when they tried them on, until I relented and let him try on Dot's. Then he was VERY pleased with himself until it came time to take it off again at which point he HOWLED desolately until I had a brainwave and dug around in the attic for pretty pink party dress that is roughly his size which he absolutely ADORES and spent the rest of the day proudly wearing.

Sadly I don't think we can get away with letting him wear it at the wedding, it would be just asking for trouble and I don't want him being put off from wearing what he wants and liking what he likes. Hopefully he'll take it off for his bath tonight and not think of it tomorrow. I don't know though, there's no flies on him and so I predict fireworks tomorrow when it comes time for Dot and Petal to put their dresses on!

After some lunch, we settled down to some films, seeing as how it looked like November out there rather than July!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Are You Scotland In Disguise?!*

Thankfully Papacrow was working from home today, as for me the morning consisted of the dentist reconstructing a filling and broken tooth for me and then I beetled off to work. A corner of tooth and filling broke off at the weekend - there was no pain at all which was nice, on the other hand that probably means the tooth has died... Oh well, we can't have everything!

Meanwhile, back at home, they all did table time and then went to the library. I got back for lunch, Papacrow went upstairs to edit and I took everyone off to a park for a Home Ed meet up - sadly it was short lived as the forcasted showers came out with a vengeance, so instead we went off to Hobby Craft who have a sale on at the moment, hoorah! We got a good haul of playdough (buy one get one free on packs of three), felt-tips, a cardboard dinosaur, some felt for Dot's shoe making and a heavily discounted cardboard play cooker.

We picked up Roo who had been on a sleepover with another home ed family and headed home to craft and watch TV. After baths there were various films and, later on, the football, where we watched (slightly bemused) Germany utterly thump Brazil. I also ordered some snap circuits that we wanted, so that's exciting!

*A derogatory football (soccer) chant, popular in the UK and directed at anyone playing spectacularly badly

Monday, 7 July 2014

Autons and Ballet and Insulations efficacy

So Friday was mostly taken up with ballet. Saurus was at college for his orientation for his ICT course and Roo did an absolutely sterling job holding the fort in the morning while I was at work for a few hours. I was a little worried it was too big an ask - he's not quite 14 although he is very capable. However, it wasn't going to be long and none of us were very far, plus Grandma and Granddad were next door, and as it turns out they had a great time, did their table time really nicely, made some birthday cards for Grandma, did the folding and watched a documentary, so that was all right!

Saturday was football and lots of errands in town - we also treated ourselves to the Frozen soundtrack which is a sing along experience as I'm sure you can imagine! Sunday was full of housework and the amazing Wimbledon men's final.

And today - Monday - well, we did some table time, went off to Maths Lab (run by a home ed mum who's also a maths tutor) and Roo got his maths skills level assessed. As I thought, he's a bit above the average level of his year group, which is good, and better than he thought so that's put his mind to rest a bit. We've got lots of test papers to use and links to English ones too, as he wants to find out where he's at with that, too.

We got home, had lunch, finished off table time -Petal wrote her diary by her self rather than tracing it and tackled some difficult sentence writing, Fluff did lots of areas and comprehension around the Pied Piper. We also looked at insulation. Dot especially worked really hard at numbers - and then we did the sorting and folding. I cleaned the bathroom and mopped the toilet floor, and we settled down to a Doctor Who - Rose, Christopher Ecleston's first outing as the new, rebooted Doctor.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

You are dead, dead, dead! Any Questions?!*

Lots of Munchkin happening here - Wig, Fluff, Petal and Dot were playing it before breakfast again! I discovered that I can put some raw gooseberries in with my porridge and it microwaves up nicely together. We had a fruitful and involved table time, the basics plus lots of talk about the commonwealth. Dot did some nine piece jigsaws very nicely and all by herself and also used some water soluble crayons. Fluff is deep in a series of beautifully drawn illustrations of Lord of the Rings events. Hoofie very much enjoyed the wooden number puzzles and Boggle.

Then we packed up a nice picnic and headed off to the downs... Forgetting the bird, flower and insect books didn't cramp our style and we listened to skylarks and cicadas, saw herring gulls and a hawk - I think a kestrel - and identified viper's bugloss, ragwort and yarrow. We also saw what I think were a tanker and a dredger, and watched a fishing boat trawl its net. We also played a lot of word association, which was interesting and informative, and discussed various issues around adult magazines.

Home for second lunch - scrambled egg - and a good tidy up before everyone went off to Grandma and Granddad's for dinner. Hoofie and Papacrow and I did some errands in town before our dinner.

We are all very much enjoying the second week of Wimbledon and the later stages of the World Cup and oh, we're looking forward to the Commonwealth Games at the end of the month, too!

*Taken from a Munckin card.

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