Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Baby Game

Hoofie was last in the bath tonight. Usually he's first and stays there as the others hop in and out as he likes a a good long play and soak, but tonight he was busy playing with Fluff's wooden train track that he's just discovered and that Fluff, Petal and Dot have therefore rediscovered and so he ended up going in last and by himself.

Petal, who had gone in first, as it happens, decided she was going to help bath him. She adores him and loves looking after him even more. She washed his face, got his toothbrush, attempted to dry him and fetched a clean nappy, all the while chatting away with me about him and babies in general.

It was so lovely, and tempting to peep down the years and imagine her with babies of her own to play with some day!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Some you win, some you don't

So yesterday - Tuesday - was another lovely day, with a peaceful morning of painting, reading and munchkin playing. We sorted out the next six months of topics and had a lovely park and library trip and I also got in some words on my current book in the afternoon and evening.

Today - Wednesday - was bit more of a one of 'those' days kinda day. We sorted the week's menu and wrote the shopping list and then Papacrow went out for the day. I took Fluff, Petal, Dot and Hoofie shopping - we got there and I discovered I didn't have the list! Argh! There have been occasions before where I've forgotten the list but been able to remember it and still do the shop - not today, so we headed home, took ages finding a parking space, found the list, trekked back to the supermarket, did the shop, got home, unpacked it all and sat down and had lunch. Phew.

The afternoon was taken up with cleaning and tidying, watching TV, playing computer games and Aunty A and Cousin P visited which was much nicer!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Beach Babies

Perfect, blissful day today. Warm and sunny but not at all humid and not too hot, with a nice cooling breeze. I wrote in the morning - didn't get as many words as I'd have liked, but oh well - while Papacrow did table time with everyone, and also some tidying and vaccing. They also went out side with scooters, bikes, skateboards, roller skates and the downstairs girls. Then I came down for lunch and he went up - he's just started a new book too so now it's a race to see who will finish first!

Roo had some friends over for a sleepover and Wig was playing various play station games with them while I took the rest to the beach to meet up with another Home Ed family, and they had a lovely time in and out of the sea, etc, it was wonderful.

Home to help Papacrow make pizzas while people relaxed and watched TV. Papacrow dashed off to the shop for a few more supplies with Wig and Petal, so we ate rather late but it didn't matter. Then it was baths, and then the boys settled down to an evening of films and playstation and I took the girls and Hoofie off for stories in bed.

Now Papacrow and I are holed up in the bedroom, both writing frantically with a blissfully cool breeze coming in the window, ahhhh!

Saurus got off safely to Karate camp on Sunday, then promptly came back again as both he and Sensie had forgotten stuff! Just as well it's only an hour or so away, I guess. The allotment is doing well - we've started to get apples, have picked lots of blackberries and courgettes, the strawberries and raspberries are re-flowering and re-fruiting and the parsnips, french beans, peas and sweetcorn are all hanging in there.

Friday, 1 August 2014

July Book Log

New to me
The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm by Norman Hunger
Picked this up in the library - comedic stories from the 1930s. It was.. ok. I didn't agree with the hysterically enthusaistic celeb blurb, but I completed it.

Maildun The Voyager retold by James Reeves
From my shelves - lovely rambly Irish folk tale.

Habibi by Craig Thompson
Just - wow. Papacrow dragged me into a bookshop recently, and when I spotted this and fell in instant love with it he then made me buy it (dear man that he is). A graphic novel beautiful drawn in black and white and alive with a wealth of imagery, it weaves together stories from the Koran and the Bible with the life stories of two young children and arabic written culture. It's certainly not a picnic and I'd be cautious about recommending it - the young female protagonist is sold into marriage aged nine, stolen by slavers and later winds up a captive in a Sultan's harem. So there's that. Definitely not suitable for younger readers!The boy also featured in the story has a similarly torturous path to walk but oh my goodness - it's just so beautiful, and uplifting and life affirming.

Land where Serpents Rule by Samantha Lee
Old favourite of mine, I read the first part of this trilogy last month.

The Path through the Circle of Time by Samantha Lee
My favourite of the three, loosly based round the major arcana of Tarot.

Lotta by Astrid Lindburgh
Sometimes ever so slightly clunky due I think to the translation, these are charming and very believable family stories about three children, particulary the youngest who's precousious mischieve makes her a dead ringer for Dot!

The Wombles go round the World by Elizabeth Beresford
An old favourite, I particular love this one - you meet all sorts of different Womble burrows all over the world.

The Milly Molly Mandy Omnibus by Joyce Lancashire Brisely
I constantly come back to the Milly Molly Mandy stories, instant comfort reading.

Glinda of Oz by Frank L Baum
Found it kicking around, so gave it a whirl again. Not one of his best, but good enough romp on the usual theme of the later ones, that is, Ozma and Dorothy travelling off to remote part of Oz and discovering peoples hitherto unknown to them.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer Half*

We're deep into the summer routine now, making the most of the warm weather and getting out to the zoo, various parks, the beach and so on as much as possible. Table time is still jogging along and there's an awful lot of reading going on. It's fairly impossible to traverse the house without coming across someone curled up with a good book in a corner somewhere. Big games happening often too - munchkin and magic mostly.

We are vastly enjoying the Commonwealth games, and learning lots about all the countries. Friends and cousins are now broken up from school and there are vast gaming sessions, sleepovers and birthday parties. Saurus is working flat out dividing his time between Sempai-ing for his karate Sensie at various summer schools and camps, and assistant coaching for his tennis coach at various summer schools and camps!

We are VERY busy at the allotment. We have several rows of peas in, french beans, parsnip and corn seedlings all in and hanging in there, and Papacrow's about to shove some more onions in. The blackberries are coming through now - and my goodness me they are HUGE! Not long now and the apples will be ready - the trees are smothered!

Ballet and football classes are done now until September, although we continue to practice at home.

*post title taken from the title of an Angela Thirkle book which in its turn was taken from the traditional public school terms and the way they divided up the year.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Thursday, 17 July 2014

There is no such thing as time, just this very minute - and I'm in it. Thank the Lord.*

Tuesday was mostly taken up with me working in the morning while Papacrow did table time and then took everyone off on secret birthday related missions in town. In the afternoon he edited while I took the younger ones out to a local park for a home ed meet up.

On Wednesday Papacrow was out working, we had a hectic schedule of table time, shopping (with Fluff, Petal, Dot & Hoofie while the others did chores and essays), and then off to the local zoo to meet up with another home ed family and play in the paddling pool, then back home in time to meet up with Aunty A & cousins P & J and the downstairs girls came up to play too. Phew! Buritos for dinner, then Ars Magica for myself, Papacrow & Saurus with some friends - lots of fun, and I had a moment of utter inspiration that sorted out a sticky situation with the local spirits without us having to sacrifice any of the grogs, hoorah!

And today, Thursday - the morning was pretty blissful with table time, snapcircuits, card making (it's the ballet teacher's birthday tomorrow as well as mine) and lots of games of magic. After lunch we went to the park - boy was it hot, hottest day of the year apparently - and then to the nice cool library, lovely! Got a great haul of books with lots of new to us picture books, but was unsuccessfully in reserving books on the Commonwealth, annoyingly. When we got home we changed all the beds and then they all went off to dinner at the grandparents.

Also had a profound thought today about how the whole 'always present' school of thought doesn't always work for me. When I'm irritable, tired, achey, staying in the moment merely keeps me in that place... I find it far better to remember the past - how wanted this child that wants an upteenth bedtime kiss was, how gorgeous as a baby - and look to the future; how I want our relationship to be, how strong I want our bond to remain.

*Blog title taken from a line in song on Time by Joyce Grenfell.

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