Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Picture this...

So, you remember that the lovely Jay came down last month and spent a day taking photos of us?

Well, looky looky looky! Aren't they GORGEOUS?!


ellie said...

Calli and Joshua and I (Eli's not awake yet!) enjoyed the glimpse!! They're lovely, what a gift to get photos of the family that way. Also, we want to come live by the sea! (Have you gotten my letter? Immediately after sending Eli out to post it I was able to recall all their names -- fuddle-brain-me!!). The rocky beach is lovely (I know I've said that before). Also, what a nice sunshiny day :-)

Big {{hugs}}

mamacrow said...

Oh we were SO lucky with the weather! It had rained all the week leading up to that day, and went back to rain the next day!

No letter yet, expect it'll come through in a day or two :)

kelly said...

Lovely pictures! Good to see you all looking so well x

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