Friday, 21 March 2014

Books, Books, Glorious Books

To my great joy, the younger ones - by which I mean Fluff (8), Petal (6) and Dot (4) are now magically older enough for longer stories at bedtime - ones that don't necessarily have pictures on every page, your longer than typical picture books, compendiums and chapter books and the like.

We've been enjoying quite a few longer stories recently - Petal's favourite at the moment is this beauty -

The pictures are sumptuous and many, the text fairy tale like and the story has the little people stealing away a child to keep them company on the long winter nights in their halls inside the hill. It has a cat, obviously, riddles, a wise woman and thankfully very happy ending that is totally believable and satisfying rather than syrupy. Full of British Folk Lore goodness!

To my even greater joy, Dot has completely fallen in love with Little Grey Rabbit!

We have an omnibus which is handy, as well as a handful of the nice childsize individual ones. We've had the party - managed that in one sitting which is impressive, they really are rather long as compared to your average picture book - and completed Wise Owl's story in two sittings. I adore these - such a huge part of my childhood, and a really important record of a rural life which must be pretty much vanished now.

Fluff particularly likes this -

This is an amazing book. Written as a bone fide late 19th Century explorer's journal, it charts the discovery and exploration of an uncharted set of islands that hold all sorts of fantastical wild life... The illustrations are amazing, and the amount of work put into the historical background and context is awe inspiring. It seems to be one of those books that is hard to get hold of, so if you see it - snap it up!


Michael Chamberlain said...

Awesome, nice when they start to devour more complex stories. :)

Easter hols soon if your free at any point give us a shout and perhaps we can work out something?


mamacrow said...

No, sorry, think we're all caught up doing stuff with family.

Hope you have a Happy Easter :D

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