Monday, 31 March 2014

Car Conversation

Wig: 'What's the name of the Russian president again?'

Roo & Me, together: 'Valdimir Putin.'

Wig: 'Ah yes, thanks.'

Me, in a puzzled tone 'But Wig, why do you NEED to know the name of the Russian president?'

Wig: 'Because I keep going to say 'Joe Stalin' instead!' *laughs at self*

Which left me still baffled - but impressed at their grasp of Russian politics!


Honey said...

Love it :)

I hope you all are staying well entertained indoors; been seeing lots pictures of London in all the Sahara-dust-nastiness. Yikes!

mamacrow said...

well, we just have a bit of dust on the cars as there often is, didn't realise it was more of a problem in the capital.

I always think it's awesomely romantic that there's desert dust from the sahara all over my car!

Honey said...

It is rather interesting to think about. Friends of mine talk about how the sand dunes all over the world are really connected in that way - bits of sand from one place flying over to another, connecting it all. But, they are sand-lovers so I sort of ignored the reality of that :)

Mostly we've heard about poor air quality (10 out of 10, so, the worst!) and increased numbers of people going to the hospital as a result of respiratory distress. The pictures show this thick obscuring haze all around London (sand fog?).

Glad you're all just a bit dusty and not so bothered!

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