Wednesday, 19 March 2014

House Work Hour

So spring cleaning fever has hit here at the crow's nest - boy did it need to!

We're getting daily and weekly tasks done all right, it's everything else- the endless de-cluttering, and the post winter de-moulding, and dusting - oh my goodness dusting - that sort of thing.

So I've revitalised the schedule and found an hour in the afternoon, 2.00pm to 3.00pm which I've assigned to housework. I've divided the house up into seven areas, assigned a day for each one, and I'm just going to keep on cycling through!

The kids have the choice to help me in my area, or just to concentrate on their bedrooms. Either way, no screens go on until their rooms and the common areas are tidy, even if 3.00pm - the usual switch on time - has already been and gone!

So far, it's working quite well.

I also had a brainwave regarding the clothes sorting and folding - I do a load or two every day, it takes minutes to sort and fold it straight from the dryer and wiz round the house putting it away. I can see it might get tedious at some point, but it sure beats it building up into Mount Foldmore behind the front room sofa and everyone pulling it every which way to find socks, and then grumping and moaning and it taking over half an hour to get it folded and away.

Work smarter not harder, that's my motto!


C said...

Ooooh I like that motto, and that tip! I am so sick of our basket being piled with washing.

mamacrow said...

well our basket is still rather piled up with unmatched socks, but you can't have everything i suppose!

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